22 Апр 18
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Vimeo began to block users' accounts for violating music copyrights.


Will Vimeo block your account?

Hey guys! Today I have bad news for you, and by this time this problem has affected only US users of Vimeo. This video platform began to block users' accounts for violating music copyrights.

Remember, as it was before: you uploaded your hot wedding movie on YouTube, and if you're not lucky, YouTube turned off the sound in the video. No problem, you downloaded this video on Vimeo and there nobody touched you.

Right now the situation is terrible. if Vimeo finds among your videos 3 videos in which, in there opinion, you have violated copyrights, then Vimeo blocks you account.

I think that these strikes concern the copyrights of such large companies as Sony Music, which owns the rights to most music in the world. And now only three unlicensed tracks in your account are enough to make your profile locked up and this is a huge problem.

The most interesting thing is that new policy hit even those videos that are in your private access and only you could see them. All the same rule of three strikes - and your account is gone.

And most sadly - after the account is locked, you can not even enter it to gain access to your downloaded files. To do this you must prove that you have the rights to use all the music in your videos, which you naturally can not do if you did not buy tracks from the audiostocks, and used famous and popular music, especially it concern weddings films.

As you remember, Vimeo positioned itself not just as video hosting, but as your personal video storage. They said why you need to store your videos on your hard drives, you can store them in original quality on our platform and have access to them at any time. And after blocking your account, you lose access to your entire movies. They do not give you even a few days so that you can download your files.

Therefore, if you have not yet faced with that - be sure to remove from your account all the videos in which you used music that you did not get legally.

As far as I know, Vimeo did not announce this innovation in any way, but I may be mistaken, because I am registered in another country and, perhaps, these rules concern only the USA or some other regions of the world where certain regulations come into force. In any case, I did not receive any e-mails from Vimeo with a warning.

But it is quite possible that after a while this new policy will come to all countries of the world.

I don’t know why Vimeo is doing so radical actions, because they could give some time to users to remove unlicensed content. For example, YouTube even in the most difficult cases simply deletes your audio track and even in case of strikes, it gives time to appeal strike or just time to think and make the right decision.

Write in the comments section below what is your opinion about this situation and whether this problem has touched you. It is also interesting to know your opinion whether Vimeo will continue to be hard or maybe it will turn on the reverse under the pressure of a huge number of dissatisfied users.

I had not log in to Vimeo for several years, for me the main platform is YouTube. I have two free accounts there and for half an hour I've been looking for passwords to get into them. I live in Russia, and I have not even been blocked by anyone, despite the fact that my wedding content hardly meets the "Content ID" rules, of course Vimeo calls it differently. But the situation can change at any second.

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